Thursday, July 21, 2011

sister friends

I shared a few photos from my sister's visit a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share some more from that week! My boyfriend's best friend was visiting too, and we had so much fun playing in the sun.
I have been dying to make blueberry pancakes for the past month, so my sister and I made a yummy breakfast for the boys with fresh blueberries. I love having coffee/breakfast with loved ones--I think it's my favorite meal to share!
Later that day we hiked to a beautiful place called Fragrance Lake. It was a hot day, and the hike to the lake is 2 miles straight uphill, so it felt so wonderful to jump in the water at the top! We had the lake to ourselves and had a lovely time swimming, laughing, and eating our PB&J's--goin' old school.
When we got home, the boys made us dinner at my boyfriend's new house and we ate on their precious front patio..such a nice end to the day. also, disclaimer: I had food in my mouth when that picture was taken, hence the strange face!

I also have some film pictures from the visit that I will be sharing in my next post. My dad is letting me borrow his Minolta Maxxum 5000i that he bought in the 90s. It has been really fun experimenting with it, and I developed my first roll yesterday. Not all of them are amazing, but a few turned out nicely.
Hope you are all having sunshine in your parts of the world! Here, it has been partly cloudy for what seems like years, with about 60% humidity. Do you know what that is doing to my poor hair?!

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