Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ice cream, fireworks, roofs, and tank tops

Yesterday, the 4th of July, turned out to be a much more fun day than expected! I worked at 9am and thought I would be there until late evening, so Raleigh and I didn't make any plans for the night. But I ended up getting off at 3:30, so I swooped Raleigh up and we got to have a lovely evening together.
I was starving when I got home, so we went downtown for pitas and decided to grab ice cream after from a Bellingham favorite, Mallards.
In regards to my outfit: I did actually start the afternoon out wearing red, white, and blue, but the tank I was wearing got really wrinkly at work so I actually ended up borrowing a tank top from my boyfriend's roommate--luckily he's small, so it wasn't too big. I just decided to tuck it in and rock it! My hair was a mess, thank God I had that hat in my car. But isn't the necklace cool? I ordered it from Urban Outfitters last week and couldn't wait to wear it.
After wandering around downtown for a bit, we went back to Raleigh's new house (which I love) to wait for the fireworks. We read on his roof to pass away the hours--it was so nice. We could see people BBQing and shooting off some early fireworks, we had Ratatat playing, and the sun was still shining hard. There's something so captivating about summer evenings.
At sunset, we went down to Boulevard Park to watch the fireworks show. The park was full of people, waiting on blanketed grass for the show. The sunset was so colorfully wonderful! I didn't take any photos of the fireworks, because that makes it too hard to enjoy them fully. It was a cool show: there was even a smily face firework! I mean, it was a sideways smily face, but cool nonetheless. Afterwards we hung out with a friend in a house fully of patriotic hippies for a while & dragged our tired selves home. (About an hour later, one of Raleigh's friends stopped by to say hello, a bit intoxicated, which added even more fun to the evening). All in all a summery, lovey day.
How was your fourth? I love seeing the red, white, & blue outfit posts!


Emma said...

You look so cute! I love your hat.


Notes She Wrote said...

wow, those last pics are so cool looking! looks like you had a great fourth! I had the perfect outfit all picked out too and I wore it the whole day and then it got dirty and I had to change :(

great post! :)

Notes She Wrote