Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Market

A few more film photos, from the weekly Farmer's Market in our historic district. My roommates have gone to the Saturday market a few times this summer, but I always have to work on Saturdays & I have been so jealous! Luckily for me, my town also holds the Wednesday market, so I had a fun photo date with my friend Lisa a few weeks ago.
Lisa is a really talented photographer and design student who works with an excellent photographer named Josh Durias, who recently shot my good friend's wedding--see his work here. She did a lovely "360" of the market, which you can see on her tumblr here. Here are a few photos she took:

I love going places with people who also love taking photos, because they don't mind if I stop every couple of feet to photograph something. Kindred spirits!


chantilly said...

it looks like a wonderful place to spend some time :)

Wild Flower said...

Cute top I love the back and of course anything with a floral print is good in my book!

Thanks for the tip about Urban, maybe it is a good thing I will be out of town!


Cookies said...

Thank you so much sweetheart ! :)


aww, love this. I absolutely adore farmers markets, I always manage to find such fabulous things and these photos are just gorgeous. Looks a great day! xx veronika

Camilla said...

This looks so charming, and fun

x Camilla

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Liza said...

I love going to the market!
Your photographs are just beautiful.

Thanks for your sweet comment.

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Great pictures! I love your top!

Ann. said...

I like it! Grat photos:)