Monday, July 25, 2011

la fleur et le chien

I cannot help but to photograph my mother's garden when I go home, as you may know from this post or this post. I have hundreds of wonderful memories in my parents' yard growing up, from BBQs to running in the sprinkler to picking bouquets to surprise my mama with, and everything in between. Their yard is currently bursting with color and was just begging me to capture it.
My parents entertain quite often, especially on warm summer nights, and have put a lot of work into their patio, which is called "Simpler Times". It's a place where they forget the worries of the outside world, of bills and work and sadness and stress, and just laugh, drink, eat, even play music. I love how cozy they have made it in the last year, from things like adding a whole new flight of stairs to the small details of tucking a birdhouse into some delicate tree branches. We have had many good times in Simpler Times, from bonfires to graduation parties to celebrating my brother being cancer-free for 20 years. So much love floating around.
I love how there are pieces on the patio that are usually confined to the indoors: dressers, mirrors, beds, etc.
And Huckleberry Finn, of course, kept me company as I snapped away. He is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the very best fixture in my mother's garden.


getagarden said...

Love the pictures--you're such a good photographer. The gardens are looking better every day. By the way, the pink roses and raspberries are from your Nanny's gardens. I think the rose is actually from your Great Grandmother. Lots of rich history and heritage in our gardens, which makes them such a sanctuary. We slept in Simpler Times Saturday night, and it was magical! The gardens, Hucky and I miss you very much. Love, Mom

chantilly said...

my god, your mother's garden is *beautiful.* i'd love to live there!