Sunday, July 24, 2011

playing with a Minolta

Another day at the lake with the boys! Here are some of the photos from the roll of film we experimented with this week. I have a few more from the Farmer's Market, for another post.
Story of this photo: While my sister and I are swimming, I look over and see a big fish swimming towards her. My first instinct, being the nature-minded girl that I am, is to yell and run away. However, this yelling prompted the older Russian couple fishing nearby to jump up, yelling Russian things, hand my sister this long net and look at her urgently. While I stood at a distance, shrieking, my sister takes the net, swoops it into the water, and catches the fish. I was so shocked at this chain of events that I literally laughed for 5 minutes--so, so happy this moment is caught on film.
By the way, if you like film photography, you should check out this post over at despising life is so passe. She has some lovely photos up that are also taken with a Minolta.
Do you like to experiment with film? Do you think it's worth the extra money?


Bridget Fossedal said...

Wonderful! Love that you're experimenting with film. I'd do the same if I hadn't spent so, so much on my D700. Maybe someday...

You are so cute and I miss seeing your gorgeous, smiling face around Bellingham! I think a Christmas time coffee date will be a must!

Cad said...

What great photos! So summery and beautiful :)
My mom actually just gave me two really old film cameras,
The first roll of film was loaded completely incorrectly so it unfortunately had to be trashed :(
But I've just put a new one in and I'm really excited to see how it turns out!


Girl about town.... said...

Its great to know when in crisis, other girls run away screaming! Its all I do! Everyone laughs at me for it, but at least I'm not alone now haha!

Love the pictures, Its so hot here now, if only I had a near by lake (preferably fishless!)...

Swimming pool it is :)

Girl about Town XxX

Theresa said...

These came out wonderful and it looks like such a fun time there! And you know, I definitely would have reacted the same way to that fish! haha
I always found a certain something about film photography to be worth that little extra. xx

Anonymous said...

looks awesome definately makes me wish i was spending the day on the lake with my sisters! beautiful pictures!!